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As our guest, you’ll take part in incredible, transparently-sourced, farm-to-table meals accompanied by a diverse array of exciting guest speakers from the frontiers of entertainment, technology, and culture. It’s an evening that will stimulate both your palate and mind, leaving you with a full belly and a renewed hunger for the possibilities that surround us.


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October 4, 2017
Vice President, Production, National Geographic Channel

Emmy Award-winning producer Matt Renner takes you on an inspiring visual journey through the history, mission, and future of the legendary 129 year old National Geographic Society, as it evolves its mission of exploration, education, adventure and storytelling in the dynamic media landscape of our modern age.

Matt Renner’s globe spanning body of work includes stories told from the Bering Sea to the surface of Mars, from our earliest ancestors to our descendants in the far future. As Vice President for Production at National Geographic Partners, Matt has overseen the development of a wide array of groundbreaking scripted and documentary content, including Brain Games, The Great Human Race, Year Million, and most recently, LA 92, a history of the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Photographer / Filmmaker

“How We Grow”
Join award winning local photographer and filmmaker Tomas Zuccareno as he introduces you to a few of the Roaring Fork Valley’s thoughtful and ambitious young farmers, and the community that supports them, with a short version of his forthcoming full length documentary, “How We Grow.”


November 9, 2017
Author, Former NFL Player and “Nitro” from American Gladiators

“How To Master The Art Of Living A Happy, Fulfilled And Meaningful Life”
Former American Gladiator (“Nitro”) Dan Clark, a lifelong athlete and retired professional football player, has written a new book called F*ck Dying, a deeply personal chronicle based on his experience of suffering and surviving a December 2013 heart attack that unexpectedly brought him face-to-face with his own mortality. Catapulting him from a life where everything seemed possible to a life where he felt nothing was for certain, Clark didn’t care whether he lived or died until he realized his recovery depended on his willingness to embrace the fullness of his life in a new way. He chose to build his life on authentic happiness.

Dan Clark reminds us that we can choose to increase our happiness and live the life we deserve. Whether you are recovering from your own brush with death or you are simply looking to live a fuller, more balanced, richly rewarding life.

Clark began his career as an athlete, playing football for San Jose State University where he was a standout defensive lineman. He then went on to play in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams. He is best known from the smash hit TV show American Gladiators, where he played the iconic gladiator “Nitro” for seven seasons. The show ran in syndication for over 10 million weekly viewers and aired in over 40 countries. After American Gladiators, Dan turned to acting, appearing in such motion pictures as Death Becomes Her (with Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis) and Equilibrium (with Christian Bale). He has also guest starred in TV series including Ellen, Walker, Texas Ranger, V.I.P., Married… with Children, Who’s the Boss?, and Saved by the Bell.


September 23, 2017
Author / Screenwriter – “Secretariat”, “The Rookie,” “Finding Forester” and “Cars 3”

“Discovering And Writing Compelling Characters In The Films We Watch”
For almost twenty years now, I’ve had the good fortune of writing the screenplays for a handful of films that have found their way onto the big screen. Some have told larger-than-life stories (such as “Secretariat”), others have put the spotlight on smaller, more intimate triumphs (“The Rookie”), and one even presented me with the unique challenge of writing a story featuring animated cars (“Cars 3”).

All of them, though, shared the one absolute key writing responsibility of structuring and developing characters the audience would care about. The same responsibility existed during the writing of my upcoming novel “Skavenger’s Hunt,” which features the fictional origin story of the very first scavenger hunt; an elaborate competition featuring puzzles and riddles that took thousands of hunters all around the globe back in 1885. The setting is huge, but the story only works if the character of Henry—a 12-year-old boy who travels back in time to take part in the hunt—works in the mind of the reader.

How tricky is it to construct characters that the audience develops a vested interest in?.

Mike Rich’s screenwriting breakthrough came in 1998 when his screenplay “Finding Forrester” was honored by the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship competition. Within weeks, it was picked up by Columbia Pictures and became a holiday season release starring Sean Connery and directed by Gus Van Sant. Mike’s second screenplay, “The Rookie,” starred Dennis Quaid and was both a commercial and critical success for Disney in 2002. The following year, Mike wrote the script for “Radio,” which starred Ed Harris, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Debra Winger.

His works also include “The Nativity Story” and “Secretariat,” a 2010 Disney release starring Diane Lane. Mike’s most recent project placed him, for the first time ever, into the world of Pixar animation, where he worked alongside the likes of Pixar’s creative founder, John Lasseter, as one of the writers for this summer’s release of Cars 3. This year will also bring the publication of his first-ever novel: Skavenger’s Hunt, a young adult book inspired by the great stories he grew up with, including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”


July 23, 2017
EVP, The Clymb & Chief Brand Officer + President, Travel for Leftlane Sports

“Travel More. Buy Less.”
Luis will talk about the transformative power of travel and investing in experiences, instead of more stuff.

My purpose is to inspire and enable others to have transformative experiences, with the knowledge that travel can be a force for good. I believe that there is an explorer in each of us and that adventure and discovery are essential elements of the human experience. We are living in extraordinary times. Never before have meaningful experiences been more important or accessible.

After college, having studied Marine Biology, and becoming a dive instructor, I realized a profound passion around sharing the world with others. Seeing firsthand the impact and joy these moments provided, I knew, early on, I had found my life’s work. I spent the next decade, guiding and handcrafting adventures for others around the world.

Today, I’ve spent almost 20 years working globally in the digital, start-up and adventure travel space helping iconic brands like Disney, REI, Backroads, and The Clymb, either build or scale, meaningful experience based businesses.

Currently, I lead The Clymb out of Portland, Oregon, and serve as Chief Brand Officer and President of Travel for all of the LeftLane Family of brands that serve over 13M+ customers.

I have been an active participant on Non-Profit and Start Up boards, having served on the boards of Sustainable Travel International, Young Travel Professionals, and the Adventure Cycling Association. I currently serve on the Board of the Adventure Travel Association and am acting Emcee for our flagship event, the Adventure Travel World Summit, and frequently speak at events around the world.

In 2017, I presented a TEDx Portland talk about the transformative power of travel and investing in experiences, instead of more stuff. I also serve as Board Member, Investor, and Advisor to early and growth stage travel startups: TripGrid, Bold Betties, Sacred Rides, and Untrodden.

I deeply value community, and actively invest time, and resources, in those that have the power or potential, to inspire, convene, and be catalysts for progress and change.


July 20, 2017
Three-Time Paralympic Gold Medalist

In order to become a leader, you have to embrace your own unique strengths and learn to lead yourself. This is the lesson that led Alana Nichols down her path of glory. Alana Nichols, a Paralympic gold medalist in wheelchair basketball and alpine skiing and a multi-sport athlete in sprint kayaking and adaptive surfing learned that to become a leader meant learning to think of her disability in a new light. At 17, Nichols was paralyzed in a snowboarding incident and as an athlete all of her life, she was devastated and thought she’d never be able to play again — until she watched a wheelchair basketball game while in college. “I started looking at what I could do, as opposed to what I couldn’t do,” she says. For this inspiring athlete, the ability to lead in her athletic community meant gaining leadership of herself first.

Alana Nichols is a world-class athlete with a passion for challenging herself and others. From a young age, her passion for sports and adventure has driven her and no matter what obstacle life throws her way, she takes a challenge head on. After suffering a spinal cord injury at age 17 while attempting a back flip on her snowboard, Alana quickly transitioned to adaptive sports. She is the first American female to win gold medals at both Summer (Wheelchair Basketball) and Winter (Alpine Ski Racing) Olympic/ Paralympic Games. Alana competed at her 5th Paralympic Games in 2016 games in Rio De Janeiro in her 3rd sport of sprint kayaking and is now pursuing adaptive surfing full time and continues to inspire and attract fans from around the world.


June 22, 2017
CCO, th13teen

“Why Are You”
Most people can tell you who they are. Exceptional people demonstrate WHY they are. riCardo will host an insightful talk to demonstrate, then apply, the importance of the consistent and holistic projection of your personal, unique value proposition.

frequently endorsed as an influential and compelling designer for brands; through an applied creative mastery at the intersection of branding, marketing and design disciplines. riCardo is chief creative officer with th13teen. Previously, riCardo held several executive leadership roles including SVP global creative chief at 20th century fox studios and a Global Executive Creative tenure at Mattel Inc., and at notable advertising icons such as McCANN ERICKSON, Saatchi & Saatchi and Chiat/Day.

riCardo is prominent in the design+branding industries as a a globally-tenured + strategic creative executive with a keen sense of next-generation brand storytelling

crespo is a frequent keynote speaker on design methodologies; and the irrefutable value of its RROI as a result of strategic creative and designed communications in the brand design continuum.

an avid surfer, skater, mx rider and martial artist; crespo embodies the manifestation of an active lifestyle.


June 17, 2017
Co-Founder, Editor-In-Chief & Marketing Advisor / Strategist – VRScout

“Human Connection In A Virtual Future”
Virtual reality (VR) is not just about gaming and entertainment. This immersive technology has the potential to change our lives through new approaches to education, communication, and the rewiring of our brains to improve physical and mental states.

“Don’t worry we’re not fighting, we’re just really passionate!”

Husband and wife duo Jonathan and Denise Nafarrete have debated about their shared interests together for over a decade. These trailblazers have been respected thought leaders and sought-after experts in the social media and marketing industry.

Jonathan Nafarrete is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of VRScout, an immersive media company that has reached over 100 million globally in 2016. Before VRScout, Jonathan was the Director of Content Marketing at BLITZ Agency. Developing social media programs and creative social technology campaigns for Nike, Refinery29, Honda, Toyota and Sony Playstation. As a photographer and an early adopter of social media, he quickly became an “influencer,” shooting campaigns and social content for brands like Ford, T-Mobile, QVC, Chevrolet, and Audi. Business Insider has recognized his work, naming him “Top Instagram Users That Advertisers Are Dying To Work With.” As well as Forbes calling Jonathan among the “Top 30 Social Media Power Influencers.”

Denise Nafarrete rounds out this duo as a Marketing Advisor and Strategic Consultant to VRScout. As Head of Strategy at the KIMBA Group, her belief is once you understand where the problems are, you can set up a solution with actionable resources to reach the business goals.Before KIMBA, Denise polished her marketing and business skills in leadership roles at FoxTales as Vice President of Marketing, Havas Formula as Vice President of Social Media, as well as Partner and Chief Digital Strategist at Buzzsmith Marketing. She’s also driven strategies and award-winning campaigns for major brands at agencies TBWA\Chiat\Day and Saatchi & Saatchi. Early in her career, she pioneered a social media program for retailer PacSun when platforms Myspace and Facebook only existed, and Tweets were created via texting.


May 21, 2017
Managing Partner, Natural Investments

“Resilience is the New Sustainability: Preparing for Any Possible Future”
Enjoy the passionate explorations of permaculture teacher and sustainable business and finance leader Michael Kramer as he shares why resilience is replacing sustainability as a way to thrive in these turbulent times. By carefully assessing and planning how to use our time, energy, and money in close-to-home, sustainable global, and evolutionary strategies that prepare us for any possible future scenario, we can invest wisely and ourselves, nature, community, and the transformation of humanity.

Michael Kramer is a Managing Partner of Natural Investments, one of the nation’s original sustainable, responsible, and impact investment advisors with offices in 10 states, including 3 locations in Hawaii. Michael serves on the national policy committee of USSIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment, and regularly engages corporations and regulators in efforts to increase transparency, responsibility, and accountability regarding corporate practices. Michael has been a permaculture teacher for 25 years and is currently a consultant to Hoku Nui Maui, a regenerative farming community under development. He founded the Kuleana Green Business Program of the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce, as well as HI Impact, is one of the founders of Impact Hub Honolulu, and serves on the boards of Sustainability Association of Hawaii and Sustain Hawaii. He helped get the Sustainable Business Corporation designation passed under Hawaii law in 2011.


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